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Strategic Optimization Technique for Achieving Sustainable Inventory Management in Medium-Sized Enterprises

Rhada Boujlil , Saad Alsunbul

Medium-sized enterprises face the dual challenge of optimizing inventory practices while aligning with sustainable objectives.  Effective inventory management in medium-sized enterprises remains a critical factor in balancing operational efficiency and sustainability. This study addresses the challenge by investigating strategic optimization approaches for inventory control. The background explores the complexities of inventory management, emphasizing the need for enhanced techniques in medium-sized enterprises. The problem statement underscores the necessity of innovative methodologies to navigate the intricate landscape of inventory control and sustainability. To address these challenges, advanced methodology based on LightGBM is applied to forecast demand, assess vendor purchase costs, optimize stock levels, and evaluate predictive performance. Empirical findings, showcased through visualizations, revealed insights into the distribution of purchase costs among vendors, daily sales velocity by product, and comparisons between current and recommended stock levels for top products. Comparative analyses demonstrated LightGBM's superior predictive performance over baseline models, highlighting its potential as a valuable tool in decision-making for inventory management.

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Vol. 11 Issue. 1 PP. 08-16, (2024)

An Improved Approach for Modeling Bank Loan Default in Pursuit of Sustainable Banking

Noura Metawa , Rania Itani

This article presents our research effort to explore the convergence of sustainable banking practices and predictive modeling for bank loan defaults, with a primary emphasis on addressing the pressing need for resilient financial systems. To this end, an applied methodology is presented in this study to model bank loan defaults, emphasizing the incorporation of sustainability criteria into predictive analytics. Given the temporal nature of load data, our approach leverages Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks as its backbone process for predictive modeling.  The empirical results of the public case study underscored the enhanced predictive accuracy completed through this approach, emphasizing the pivotal function of integrating sustainability metrics in predicting mortgage defaults inside the banking area.

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Vol. 11 Issue. 1 PP. 17-24, (2024)

Analysis and Solutions of the Current Situation and Problems of Organizing the Activities of Small and Private Business Entities in Uzbekistan

Qosimova D. Sobirovna , Nutfulloev Tolib G.

The article considers information about the current state of small business and private business entities, their growth trends, and the article also shows the role of small business and private business entities in the current economy and their share in some sectors. The article describes the external and internal problems that are currently the most difficult for business entities and how to solve them. Additionally, the results of the survey conducted among entrepreneurs are also included in the analytical center of the article. Statistical indicators and results of econometric analysis are expressed in a convenient visual graphic form.

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Vol. 11 Issue. 1 PP. 25-30, (2024)

Fostering Economic Growth and Global Trade through Digitalized International Transport Corridors: Examining the Role of the eTIR Convention in the Proposed China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railways for Uzbekistan's Development

Muhammad Eid Balbaa , Umidjon Dadabaev , Dilafruz Akhmedova , Mohinur Iskandarova

This study investigates the intricate dynamics of fostering economic growth and global trade through digitalized international transport corridors (ITCs), focusing on the proposed China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan (CKU) railway project within the framework of the eTIR Convention. Employing a comprehensive mixed-methods approach, integrating quantitative data from official sources, the research delves into the transformative potential of the CKU railway in linking Central Asia to China and Europe, thereby amplifying Uzbekistan's economic growth and global trade. Despite the project's potential to bolster trade competitiveness, stimulate regional integration, and foster economic diversification, the analysis uncovers challenges such as geopolitical tensions, environmental impacts, and financial sustainability, which could impede seamless implementation and operation. Leveraging the ARDL (2,1) model, the study reveals a direct dependency between the GDP growth rate and income from China to Uzbekistan, suggesting a substantial linear relationship. However, caution is advised in drawing definitive policy or economic implications, as further nuanced analysis and contextual understanding are imperative. The paper concludes by offering nuanced policy recommendations to enhance the governance and management of ITCs in Uzbekistan, emphasizing the necessity for a holistic and adaptive approach to navigate the complexities of such transformative projects, especially within the digitalized landscape and the context of the eTIR Convention.

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Vol. 11 Issue. 1 PP. 31-42, (2024)

Voluntary Disclosure-Profitability Nexus: The Moderating Effect of Audit Quality

Mohammed Hassan Makhlouf , Ashraf Almaharmeh

The study aims to explore the moderating effect of audit quality on the association between voluntary disclosure and profitability. The study sample consists of (34) industrial companies listed on the "Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)" during the period (2017-2021). To achieve the objectives of the study, the content analysis method has been used to measure the impact of voluntary disclosure by reviewing 32 items of voluntary disclosure. Several statistical methods that fit the objectives of the study are used as well. The results of the study show that there is a positive association between the voluntary disclosure level and the profitability of the company, and that the moderating variable of audit quality negatively affects the relationship between voluntary disclosure and the profitability of the company. Considering the aforesaid results, the study recommends making voluntary disclosure by the industrial companies listed on the "ASE" due to its role in enhancing the profitability of companies.

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Vol. 11 Issue. 1 PP. 43-53, (2024)

Predictive Analytics for Financial Risk Management in Dynamic Markets

Serkan Yilmaz Kandir , Murat Ismet Haseki

effective risk management is an indispensable requirement for improving the flow of transactions in dynamic financial markets. To this end, this study presents an applied predictive analytics methodology, that integrate gradient boosting algorithm to model the risk behavior in dynamic markets. This study, based on predictive analytics in monetary and financial systems, faces an urgent need for robust models that can overcome the uncertainties inherent in dynamic markets. Holistic experimentations on public case study of U.S retail data demonstrate the predictive power of the proposed approach of the state-of-the-art techniques across different performance metrics. This in turn highlights the nuanced interaction between variables and delivering intuitions into crucial risk determining factor.

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Vol. 11 Issue. 1 PP. 54-61, (2024)