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Volume 6 , Issue 1, PP: 41-47 , 2020


Introduction to NeutroGroups

Authors Names :   Agboola A.A.A.   1 *  

1  Affiliation :  Department of Mathematics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Email :  agboolaaaa@funaab.edu.ng

Doi   :  10.5281/zenodo.3840761

Abstract :

The objective of this paper is to formally present the concept of NeutroGroups by considering three NeutroAxioms (NeutroAssociativity, existence of NeutroNeutral element and existence of NeutroInverse element). Several interesting results and examples of NeutroGroups, NeutroSubgroups, NeutroCyclicGroups, NeutroQuotientGroups and NeutroGroupHomomorphisms are presented. It is shown that generally, Lagrange’s theorem and 1st isomorphism theorem of the classical groups do not hold in the class of NeutroGroups.

Keywords :

Neutrosophy , NeutroGroup , NeutroSubgroup , NeutroCyclicGroup , NeutroQuotientGroup and NeutroGroupHomomorphism.

References :

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