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International Journal of Neutrosophic Science
Volume 14 , Issue 2, PP: 98-103 , 2021 | Cite this article as | XML |PDF


On Neutrosophic Fuzzy Ideal Concepts

Authors Names :   A. A. Salama   1 *     H. A. Elagamy   2  

1  Affiliation :  Department. of Math and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Port Said University, Egypt

    Email :  drsalama44@gmail.com

2  Affiliation :  Department of Mathematics and Basic sciences, Ministry of Higher Education Higher Future institute of Engineering and Technology in Mansoura, Egypt

    Email :  hatemelagamy@yahoo.com

Doi   :   https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.140203

December 15, 2020 Accepted: March 27, 2021

Abstract :


The aim of this paper is to introduce and study some new neutrosophic fuzzy pairwise notions via neutrosophic fuzzy ideals. Relationships between the above new neutrosophic fuzzy pairwise notions and their other relevant classes are investigated 

Keywords :

Neutrosophic set; Neutrosophic topology; Neutrosophic ideal; Neutrosophic ideal open set; Neutrosophic closed set

References :


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A. A. Salama , H. A. Elagamy, On Neutrosophic Fuzzy Ideal Concepts, International Journal of Neutrosophic Science, Vol. 14 , No. 2 , (2021) : 98-103 (Doi   :  https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.140203)