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International Journal of Neutrosophic Science
Volume 10 , Issue 2, PP: 105-115 , 2020 | Cite this article as | XML | Html |PDF


Interval-Valued Triangular Neutrosophic Linear Programming Problem

Authors Names :   Bhimraj Basumatary   1     Said Broumi   2  

1  Affiliation :  Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bodoland University Kokrajhar, India

    Email :  brbasumatary14@gmail.com

2  Affiliation :  Laboratory of Information Processing, Faculty of Science Ben M’Sik, University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco

    Email :  broumisaid78@gmail.com

Doi   :   https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.0100204

Received: April 13, 2020 Accepted: August 20, 2020

Abstract :


In this paper, we have proposed an Interval-valued triangular neutrosophic number (IV-TNN) as a key factor to solve the neutrosophic linear programming problem. In the present neutrosophic linear programming problem IV-TNN is expressed in lower, upper truth membership function, indeterminacy membership function, and falsity membership function. Here, we try the compare our proposed method with existing methods.


Keywords :


Neutrosophic Set , Interval-valued triangular neutrosophic number , Neutrosophic Linear Programming Problem.


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