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volume 11 , Issue2, PP: 62-75 , 2020


An Analysis on Novel Corona Virus by a Plithogenic Approach to Fuzzy Cognitive Map

Authors Names :   R.Sujatha   1     S.Poomagal   2     G.Kuppuswami   3     Said Broumi   4  

1  Affiliation :  Department of Mathematics, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai, INDIA

    Email :  sujathar@ssn.edu.in

2  Affiliation :  Department of Mathematics, University College of Engineering – Kancheepuram, Kancheepuram,INDIA

    Email :  poomagal777@gmail.com

3  Affiliation :  Department of Mathematics, Sri Venkateswaraa College of Technology, Sriperumbudur, INDIA

    Email :  gkuppuswamiji@gmail.com

4  Affiliation :  Laboratory of Information Processing, Faculty of Science Ben MSik, University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco

    Email :  broumisaid78@gmail.com

Doi   :  10.5281/zenodo.4127202

Received: Jun 13, 2020 Accepted: September 25, 2020

Abstract :


In this paper a Plithogenic approach to Fuzzy cognitive map has been proposed to analyse the impact of novel corona virus.Contradiction degree is an advantageous feature of Plithogenic sets which highly deals with the uncertainty and it substantially increases the accuracy of results. In this research, a new approach is proposed to accumulate the opinions of experts.Using contradiction degree between opinions of experts and plithogenicoperator,the connection matrices obtained from distinct experts are aggregated to improvise a degree of uncertainty. An Analysis on covid-19 (causes, spread and precaution) is done based on the proposed methodology.


Keywords :

Fuzzy cognitive maps , Plithogenic sets , Covid-19 , Plithogenic operators

References :