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A Study of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Used in Pandemic Covid-19 For Healthcare Monitoring Services

Mandeep Singh Heer.1* , Harikrishna Chavhan2 , Vikas Chumber3 , Vikrant Sharma4

  Before Internet of things, visit or meet a doctor is based on the appointments, by tele and text communication and also interaction with patient and doctors are limited. IoMT enables medical devices remote monitoring, unleash the possibility for patients to keep safe and healthy, also made easy for physicians to deliver excellent care for patients. The capability of IoT or IoMT in infectious disease control a network of interconnected systems and Artificial intelligence, Data analytics and using omnipresent connectivity in all these networks based upon real time data can help to provide an early warning system to restraint the spread of Pandemic like situation (Covid-19 corona virus, Ebola virus, Hanta Virus etc.) and it also help in healthcare monitoring and treatment services.  

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Vol. 5 Issue. 2 : Special CITCOVID-19 PP. PP. 5-12, (2021)

Analysis of Various Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques

Heena Kochhar1

Data mining is a technique that is applied to mine valuable information from the rough data. A prediction analysis is an approach that has the potential for forecasting future possibilities based on the recent data. The CCFD is the challenge of prediction in which fraudulent transactions are predicted based on certain rules. There are several stages included in the detection of fraud in credit cards. Various classification algorithms are reviewed with respect to the performance analysis in order to detect fraud in the credit card. The performance is measured with regard to precision.

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Vol. 5 Issue. 2 : Special CITCOVID-19 PP. PP. 13-20, (2021)

A Novel Artificial Face Mask based Nanofibers with Special Intelligent Engineered Nanocomposite Against Covid-19

Ahmed A. Elngar , S.I. El-Dek

  We introduce our idea about a new face mask against Covid-19. Herein our novel face mask is a polymeric matrix of nanofibers. These nanofibers are decorated with special engineered nanocomposite. The later possesses antiviral, antimicrobial. A well-established IR temperature biosensor will be implanted in the face mask and connected to the mobile phone using App (Seek thermal) to allow temperature monitoring. Artificial Intelligence can play a vital role in the fight against COVID-19.  AI is being successfully used in the identification of disease clusters, monitoring of cases, prediction of the future outbreaks, mortality risk, diagnosis of COVID-19, disease management by resource allocation, facilitating training, record maintenance and pattern recognition for studying the disease trend. Therefore, AI is used as a type of alarm which be connected through Global Position System (GPS) to a central networking system to monitor the crowded areas of probable infections. In this case, the hospital in this neighborhood will be charged to let a mobile unit of assessment travel quickly to the infected people areas.  

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Vol. 5 Issue. 2 : Special CITCOVID-19 PP. PP. 21-22, (2021)