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Skills of using the Sketch up program in producing three-dimensional learning elements

Elsayed Mohsen Y. Amer

The aim of the current research is to develop the skills of stereoscopic learning elements among graduate students. This research belongs to the category of development research that uses some descriptive studies methods (descriptive survey, systems development) in the phase of study, analysis, design, and experimental approach when measuring the impact of the independent variable of research on the dependent variable. In the evaluation stage, then applying the research tools (achievement test - note card - product evaluation card) before and after on an intentional sample of (30) graduate students - full-time diploma - Mansoura University, they were divided into two experimental groups, each group (15) students , The first experimental group uses the linear sailing pattern, and the second experimental group uses the grid pattern, and the training was conducted in a three-dimensional learning environment, and the research results concluded that the grid sailing pattern is the most influential pattern on the production of stereoscopic learning elements.

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Vol. 2 Issue. 2 PP. 08-16, (2023)