International Journal of Neutrosophic Science (IJNS) is approved by Scopus


We are pleased to announce that our International Journal of Neutrosophic Science (IJNS) is accepted to be indexed by Scopus database. 

International Journal of Neutrosophic Science (IJNS) is a peer-review journal publishing high quality experimental and theoretical research in all areas of Neutrosophic and its Applications. IJNS is published quarterly. IJNS is devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed original research papers lying in the domain of neutrosophic sets and systems. Papers submitted for possible publication may concern with foundations, neutrosophic logic and mathematical structures in the neutrosophic setting. Besides providing emphasis on topics like artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing, robotics, decision making, data analysis, data mining, applications of neutrosophic mathematical theories contributing to economics, finance, management, industries,  electronics, and communications are promoted. Variants of neutrosophic sets including Refined Neutrosophic Set (RNS). Articles evolving algorithms making computational work handy are welcome.


Now, IJNS is indexed in the following databases:


- Scopus ( Approved and will appear soon)


- GoogleScholar


- Index Copernicus ( ICI World of Journals)




- Microsoft Academic


- Advanced Science Index (ASI)


- EuroPub


- WorldCat


- Cengage Learning