Journal of Cybersecurity and Information Management JCIM 2690-6775 2769-7851 10.54216/JCIM 2019 2019 Remote Laboratory System for Automatic Engineering University of Computer Sciences, Cuba Omar Mar .. University of Computer Sciences, Cuba Jorge GulĂ­n GonzĂ .. Marta Abreu Central University of the Villas, Cuba Ivan Santana .. University of Computer Sciences, Cuba Barbara Bron Fonseca The training of specialists in automation in Cuba is carried out through the career of Automation Engineering that has within its fundamental disciplines, the Control Systems discipline. For the development of laboratory practices, students work on physical or remote devices, in person or remotely, in the latter using Remote Laboratory Systems. The present investigation proposes a Remote Laboratory System for the practice of control of the Automatic Engineering career. A scale thermal process model is designed for experimentation. The main result was the availability of practices for system identification, controller design and controller execution in real processes. In addition, the implemented solution allows students to carry out studies of the behavior of the temperature variable, the controller's response in the designed process, the establishment times, among other variables. 2020 2020 55 63 10.54216/JCIM.010201