International Journal of Neutrosophic Science IJNS 2690-6805 2692-6148 10.54216/IJNS 2020 2020 n-Cyclic Refined Neutrosophic Algebraic Systems of Sub-Indeterminacies, An Application to Rings and Modules Faculty of Science, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria admin admin   Refining the indeterminate I into many levels of indeterminacy is a way to explore many neutrosophic algebraic structures.This paper introduces the concept of n-cyclic refined algebraic system of sub-indeterminacies as a new way to refine a neutrosophic indeterminate I. This idea will be used to introduce the notion of n-cyclic refined neutrosophic ring and to study its AH-substructures. Also, this work presents the concept of n-cyclic refined neutrosophic modules with many related structures.   2020 2020 81 95 10.54216/IJNS.120203