Journal of Cybersecurity and Information Management JCIM 2690-6775 2769-7851 10.54216/JCIM 2019 2019 A Concentrated Energy Consumption Wireless Sensor Network by Symmetric Encryption and Attribute Based Encryption Technique CSE Department, IES University Bhopal, India Anita Soni Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are increasingly used in a wide variety of settings, including defence, industry, healthcare, and education. Hundreds or even thousands of sensor nodes are spread out across a given area and linked to a central Base Station (BS) in order to keep tabs on the environment. The BS then sends the data out to the users over the internet. The sensor network's adaptability, portability, dependability, and quickness are driving its widespread use across industries. The suggested SHS evaluates the efficiency of well-established symmetric algorithms to see where it stands in the spectrum of security. The Blowfish encryption algorithm was proven to require the least amount of processing power after extensive benchmarking. Therefore, the Blowfish algorithm is selected to protect sensitive medical information. The medical database receives the encrypted health records. Only those with proper permissions should be able to access them. Therefore, the CP-ABE is implemented to regulate access to patient records. The SHS's results on the dataset are compared to those of other existing systems. With SHS, health data may be transmitted to doctors rapidly and securely because it requires less computing time and energy. In addition to these benefits, SHS also offers privacy, authentication, and authorization. 2023 2023 08 18 10.54216/JCIM.120101