Journal of Cybersecurity and Information Management JCIM 2690-6775 2769-7851 10.54216/JCIM 2019 2019 The Relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: A quick review Mathematical and Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science, Beni-Suef University, Egypt Esraa Mohamed Internet Of Things (IOT) is a network of various devices that are connected over the internet, and they can collect and exchange data with each other. These IOT devices generate a lot of data that needs to be collected and mined for actionable results through use artificial intelligence (AI) to manage huge data flows and storage in the IOT network. In this paper we briefly discussed about what IOT is, what AI is, Algorithm of AI, Challenge AI with IOT, application of artificial intelligence system in the IOT. The self-optimizing network and software defined network are parts of the important parameters in the Artificial Intelligence IoT System. This paper provides a general discussion about importance of the IoT in different applications. The paper covers different applications of IoT and shows the relationship between AI and IoT. The role of the AI in IoT applications is extensively discussed. In the future work, we are planning to work on improving the performance of IoT applications using advanced AI methods and algorithms such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 2020 2020 30 34 10.54216/JCIM.010101