Journal of Cybersecurity and Information Management JCIM 2690-6775 2769-7851 10.54216/JCIM 2019 2019 A Neutrosophic Proposed Model for Evaluation Blockchain Technology in Secure Enterprise Distributed Applications Information Systems Department Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences Mansoura University, Egypt Nada A. Nabeeh Information Systems Department Faculty of Computers and Informatics Zagazig University, Egypt Alshaimaa A. Tantawy Applications that are enabled by blockchain technology have been infused with a decentralized system without the need for intermediate entities. Blockchain technology indicates opportunities with various technologies and applications.  Recently, a meteoric rise in the amount of interest has been indicated by academics in blockchain technology. Nevertheless, the acceptance of this blockchain technology paradigm in corporate distributed systems is not exactly promising. Executives and technocrats in a business are required to engage in multiple-criteria decision-making (MCDM) with operating uncertainty factors for the acceptance of new technologies. The proposed model aims to develop a model to identify and keep track of major elements that contribute to the sluggish pace for blockchain technology to be adopted by the general public. The study applied the Evaluation Based on the Distance from Average Solution (EDAS) approach to its interval-valued neutrosophic variant, which has the benefit of concurrently with the consideration of a decision maker's truthiness, falsity, and indeterminacy. The EDAS considers the distances of alternatives from the actual solutions considered by each criterion. In addition, the proposed model illustrated the use of neutrosophic theory with the EDAS method to rank blockchain technology in enterprise-distributed applications in uncertain conditions to aid decision-makers in optimal solutions. A numerical case study is illustrated to show the effectiveness of the proposed model in aiding decision-makers to achieve optimal solutions in uncertain conditions.    2023 2023 08 21 10.54216/JCIM.110101