International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Education Technology IJAIET 2835-2432 10.54216/IJAIET 2022 2022 Securing Management Information Systems Using Blockchain Technology Damietta University, Egypt S. A. Elsayed abou Elwafa Mansoura University, Egypt S. Aboul Fotouh Saleh Damietta University, Egypt E. E. Mohamed Abd El El-razk Damietta University, Egypt Safaa M. Elatawy This study aims to present the basic principles of blockchain technology that has received the attention of various sectors, including the higher education sector, which studies the application of these technologies to improve information traceability, accountability, and integrity, while ensuring privacy, transparency, durability, trustworthiness, and authenticity. Various interesting proposals and projects launched and being developed, including verification of digital certificates. Through this study, we are building a digital certificate validation system that overcomes the limitations of paper-based digital certificates and non-blockchain-based digital certificates. It explains how to verify a certificate and gives a new idea to create a certificate in the most secure and tamper-resistant way using blockchain technology. 2022 2022 22 35 10.54216/IJAIET.010202