Journal of Cosmology, Filaments and Astrobiology JCFA 2834-0221 10.54216/JCFA 2022 2022 Remark on creation and dis-creation processes related to origination of charge and matter Physics advisor for Princeton Biotechnology Corp., Barrington, NJ, 08007 USA. Robert N. Boyd Malang Institute of Agriculture (IPM), Jl. Soekarno-Hatta, Malang, Indonesia;Halton Arp Institute, affiliated to International Mariinskaya Academy, St. Petersburg. Victor .. Dept. Math. & Sci., Univ. of New Mexico, USA. Florentin Smarandache The ubiquitous creation process of the electron-positron pairs is brought out as being due to resonant von Karman vortex streets caused by local aether flows, as related to the Kelvin-Helmholtz vortex model of the electron and positron from fluid dynamics. The origination of electric charge is discussed as being caused by the bending and slowing of infinite velocity vortex lines, where electrons and positrons exhibit continuous charge because vortex lines are captured,  always bent away from a perfectly straight line, and constantly circulate internal to these particles. The ubiquitous dis-creation (dissociation) of atomic matter due to gamma ray resonance with the given atom, can be controlled, and can produce any manner of force desired, arising from the vicinity of the atomic dissociation site. Both processes, creation and dis-creation, can produce excess electrical energy, so we think these investigations are valuable, in this regard. As these useful matter creation processes are more deeply investigated and new technologies arise from these studies, we will be able to make any amount of any kinds of atoms we like. We will also will be able to make "designer atoms" which will have physical properties, as desired by us, perfectly suited for the selected application 2022 2022 33 41 10.54216/JCFA.010105