Journal of Cosmology, Filaments and Astrobiology JCFA 2834-0221 10.54216/JCFA 2022 2022 Remark on Recent Experimental Findings supporting Smarandache’s Quantum Sorites Paradoxes, Superluminal Hypothesis, and SubQuantum Kinetic Model of Electron Malang Institute of Agriculture (IPM), East Java, Indonesia Victor .. Physics advisor for Princeton Biotechnology Corp., Barrington, NJ, 08007 USA Robert N. Boyd Statement of the Problem: Smarandache Hypothesis states that there is no speed limit of anything, including light and particles. While the idea is quite simple and based on known hypothesis of quantum mechanics, called Einstein-Podolski-Rosen (EPR) paradox, in reality such a superluminal physics seems still hard to accept by majority of physicists. Here we review some experiments to support superluminal physics and also findings to explain Smarandache Quantum Paradoxes and Quantum Sorites Paradox. We also touch briefly on new experiment on magneton, supporting SubQuantum Kinetic Model of Electron. Aim of this paper: We discuss some experimental results which  will likely open new directions of research toward evidence-based physics.Conclusion & Significance: Multiexperimental findings assessment allows one to verify conjectures by Florentin Smarandache & RNB, namely: Smarandache Hypothesis, Smarandache Quantum Sorites Paradoxes and SubQuantum Kinetic Model of Electron. 2022 2022 08 15 10.54216/JCFA.010101