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volume 11 , Issue1, PP: 09-21 , 2020


Estimating the Ratio of a Crisp Variable and a Neutrosophic Variable

Authors Names :   Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera   1 *     Mir Subzar   2  

1  Affiliation :  Universidad de La Habana La Habana , Cuba

    Email :  bouza@matcom.uh.cu

2  Affiliation :   Jammu and Kashmir Institute of mathematical sciences, India

    Email :  subzarstat@gmail.com

Doi   :  10.5281/zenodo.4030309

Received: May 03, 2020 Accepted: septembre 02, 2020

Abstract :

The estimation of the ratio of two means is studied within the neutrosophic theory framework. The variable of interest Y is measured in a sample of units and the auxiliary variable X is obtainable for all units using records  or predictions. They are correlated and the sample is selected using simple random sampling. The indeterminacy of the auxiliary variable is considered and is modeled as a neutrosophic variable.  The bias and variance of the proposed estimator are derived.

Keywords :

Ratio of Means , Neutrosophic Variable , Bias , Mean Squared Errors , Taylor Series.

References :